Free 1:1 Hire Strategy Session

Learn how our scientifically validated process is designed to not only supercharge your selection process, but substantially improve the entire hiring journey.

What's included

The most data-driven tool on the market empowers you to make informed hiring decisions.

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Rally your hiring team around the traits needed in a candidate. Align early in the process, and you can reduce bias and get at the core of what will make them a star performer.

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We’ll help identify your job’s Behavioral Target: the range of behaviors that may be necessary for a candidate to succeed in that role. Use one of our ready-made targets, model it after a top-performing employee, or work with your hiring manager to create your own from scratch.

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We give you a leg up in today’s historic job market. Whether you have three candidates or 300, our process gives you the confidence you need to pick the right person, faster. You'll be able to better predict who’s likely to be successful in the role – and stay for the long term.